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Temporarily Out of Stock Online Please check back later for updated availability. Overview Colloquial Swedish provides a step-by-step course in Swedish as it is written and spoken today. Product Details Table of Contents. Du iir inte svegsk, va? Nej, jag komrner frAn Exland. Men du firs v a svegska? Jag bor i Riaeby. Vad hgter du forresten? Rebecca Wood. Varfdr sitter du egeNigen h3, Rebesa? Jag prgar ju med dig. Vocabulary m e -t -a, m e i g etn hei, hello va,lit. French 'n'est-ce p s ' a? Yes, no There are a number of words for agreement and disagreement in the dialogue: ia nej javisst jasl jaha.

French 'si' : Don't you study Swedish? Greetings Hej 'Hello', 'Hi there' is the usual friendly greeting. Goddag pron. Adjii on. Word order in questions The two types of question both have inverted i.

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In yestno questions the verb comes at the beginning. Notice that in English questions often involve 'do' or 'does', while Swedish requires only a simple verb form: Do you read Swedish? Does she live in Stockholm? Liser du svenska? Bor hon i Stockholm? Patterns in statements and questions Statements and questions fit into a pattern for the sentence, which will help you to create Swedish sentences with accurate word order: Sentence Front Verb Subject etc.

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Note: 1 In statementsand vquestions the verb c m sswmd a h either a subject or anonoe subject. Translate the following questions into Swedish: 1Are they reading? Exercise 6. BrORN: Vad studerar du? BJBRN: kornmer du ifrh?

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Sverige ligger i Norden, som k en del av norm Europa. Sverige har amr, bara 8,75 miljoner invhare, men det k till ytan ett mycket stort land, tvA och en halv gbnger d stort som Storbritannien. Det k mycket stora skillnader mellan norr och dder. I Norrland, som hela den norm delen av Sverige heter, bor mycket fi mhniskor, bland dem m h g a sarher och finnar.

De ligger i s ldra och mellersta Sverige. Sverige k ett lbgt och smalt land. I soder k Mimatet mildare och vegetationen rikare. Sverige har glaciker i norr och hdga fjal det hogsta berget, Kebnekajse, k meter - men 31 landet ligger mest under meter. Mhga turister tycker att det k ett vackert land. Vocabulary Farijarna, the Faroes liggla -er lig, be lie Norden, Scandinavia bara, only invHnare -n -,inhabitant till ytan, in area stor -t -a, big gHng -en -er, time.

Place a cross in the box Sverige har i n v b. England iir tti och ett halvt ghger d stort som vvl Sverige. G6teborg och Malm6 ligger i s idra Sverige. Den norra delen av Sverige heter Norrland.

Alla svenskar bor i stiider och byar. Sverige ligger i siidtaEuropa. I norr kan man se midnattssolen vaje sommar. VUem heter en av Europas st6rsta sj6ar.


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Kebnekajse iir meter h6gt. In this lesson we will look at : adverbs and their position in the sentence the s-genitive days of the week and parts of the day numerals from 13 to 1, the negatives inte, ej, icke how to pronounce sj-, stj-, skj-, sch-, -si-, -ti-, tj-, kjtime by the clock verbs for motion and travel two-verb constructions communications in Sweden. Text 3 E A tt resa Travelling Bill Mows tir representant f i r en eaelsk fi-ma som tiuverkar plaghandta.

Bill dljer fi-mans p r o d a e r gtomlads. Han rgser ofta till Skandinavien i af rer.

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F i i S tar han turnelbanan till flygplatsen Heathrow utanfor London. Den ligger nagtan en t i m e frAn stgdens cefitrum. Big kommer till StoeJholm p i mogonen. Men hans vaska k o m e r inte. A FQretget koper ofta av Bill. Efterht tar han ig pb ett hotelJ p A. Pronunciation Remember: det pron. AJ me , sedan pron.

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In older texts ska is written skall. Adverbs Words like alltid always , ofta often , inte not , aldrig never , sallan seldom are adverbs of a kind that influence the meaning of the. Make the following statements negative by inserting inte. Exercise 2. What is the Swedish for: 1He never travels abroad. Position of adverbs in the sentence Adverbs can now be added to the pattern for the Swedish sentence: Front 1 Han 2 Bill 3 De 4 P i kviillen.

Notice that in the statement in example 4, where the verb and subject are inverted, the adverb comes directly aJer the subject. This happens in questions too:. On occasions there may be more than one adverb: Han tar ju aldrig taxi. Insert the negative inte in the following questions. The s-genitive Like English, Swedish often adds an -s to the noun to indicate the genitive: 1.

Sweden's capital, the capital of Sweden the firm's products Bill's journey the centre of the town Mattias's father. From these examples we can see that: a There is no apostrophe with the s in Swedish. Translate into Swedish: 1 the firm's products 2 London's airport 3 an hour's journey 4 the representatives of the company 5 the student's flat 6 the university of Stockholm 7 the girl's essay.

Days of the week and parts of the day Days of the week veckodagar : siindag, mindag, tisdag, onsdag, torsdag, fredag, liirdag pron. Other useful expressions: p i mindag i mindags pron. Numerals , tretton fjorton ran. Practise saying the following words containing the sounds indicated which are all pronounced the same as 'soft' sk- see Pronunciation 2 : sj-. Practise saying the following words containing the sounds indicated which are pronounced the same as 'ot k- see Pronunciation 2 : sf' tjkjtjei, tjock, tjijna, t j a o , tjata kjgl.