Corporate Ethics: The Business Code of Conduct for Ethical Employees

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Similarly, supervisors and managers who learn of any such incident should immediately report it to Human Resources. HR will promptly and thoroughly investigate any complaints and take appropriate action. Consumption of alcohol is not banned at our offices, but use good judgment and never drink in a way that leads to impaired performance or inappropriate behavior, endangers the safety of others, or violates the law. Illegal drugs in our offices or at sponsored events are strictly prohibited. We are committed to a violence-free work environment, and we will not tolerate any level of violence or the threat of violence in the workplace.

Under no circumstances should anyone bring a weapon to work. If you become aware of a violation of this policy, you should report it to Human Resources immediately.

Code of Ethics

In case of potential violence, contact Google Security. However, before bringing your canine companion to the office, please make sure you review our Dog Policy. When you are in a situation in which competing loyalties could cause you to pursue a personal benefit for you, your friends, or your family at the expense of Google or our users, you may be faced with a conflict of interest. All of us should avoid conflicts of interest and circumstances that reasonably present the appearance of a conflict. Below, we provide guidance in seven areas where conflicts of interest often arise:.

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Avoid making personal investments in companies that are Google competitors or business partners when the investment might cause, or appear to cause, you to act in a way that could harm Google. Investments in venture capital or other similar funds that invest in a broad cross-section of companies that may include Google competitors or business partners generally do not create conflicts of interest. Avoid accepting employment, advisory positions, or board seats with Google competitors or business partners when your judgment could be, or could appear to be, influenced in a way that could harm Google.

Additionally, because board seats come with fiduciary obligations that can make them particularly tricky from a conflict of interest perspective, you should notify your manager before accepting a board seat with any outside company. Finally, do not start your own business if it will compete with Google.

Business opportunities discovered through your work here belong first to Google, except as otherwise agreed to by Google. Avoid participating in management of or decision-making regarding potential or existing Google business relationships that involve your relatives, spouse or significant other, or close friends. This includes being the hiring manager for a position for which your relative or close friend is being considered or being a relationship manager for a company associated with your spouse or significant other.

However, if you are also involved in that Google business relationship, it can be very sensitive.

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  7. Finally, romantic relationships between co-workers can, depending on the work roles and respective positions of the co-workers involved, create an actual or apparent conflict of interest. If a romantic relationship does create an actual or apparent conflict, it may require changes to work arrangements or even the termination of employment of either or both individuals involved. Accepting gifts, entertainment, and other business courtesies from a Google competitor or business partner can easily create the appearance of a conflict of interest, especially if the value of the item is significant.

    See the discussion of Anti-Bribery Laws in Section VII d for guidance on when it is appropriate to give gifts and business courtesies in the course of doing Google business. Avoiding potential conflicts of interest also means that you should not use Google products, services, internal tools, or information in a way that improperly benefits you or someone you know or creates the appearance that you have an unfair advantage over users outside of Google. For example, you should never approve Google accounts, services, or credits for yourself, your friends, or family members.

    Similarly, you should not use the tools, information, or access that you have as a Googler to participate in or to generate a financial benefit for yourself or others from invalid ad traffic IVT on Google products, such as generating IVT, purchasing or selling IVT except for the purposes of company sanctioned research , or linking to or appearing to link to business partners that may be engaging in IVT. However, certain kinds of company information, if leaked prematurely into the press or to competitors, can hurt our product launches, eliminate our competitive advantage and prove costly in other ways.

    Our responsibilities extend beyond not revealing Confidential Google material — we must also:. In addition, Google policy may require a prior security assessment of the outside party that is to receive the confidential information.

    What a Code of Conduct ‘Says’ About a Company

    Be sure to conduct the appropriate due diligence and have the appropriate agreement in place before you disclose the information. Finally, some of us will find ourselves having family or other personal relationships with people employed by our competitors or business partners.

    As in most cases, common sense applies. Even after the agreement is signed, try only to accept as much information as you need to accomplish your business objectives. Take all reasonable steps to maintain the confidentiality of any such information just as you would for Google confidential information. We respect our competitors and want to compete with them fairly. You probably know that our policy is to be extremely careful about disclosing confidential proprietary information. The same applies to communications with the press.

    Finally, check with your manager and Corporate Communications before accepting any public speaking engagement on behalf of the company. In general, before making any external communication or disclosure, you should consult our Employee Communications Policy and our Communications and Disclosure Policy. Google has a well-earned reputation for generosity with our employee benefits and openness with confidential information shared within the company.

    Our ability to continue these practices depends on how well we conserve company resources and protect company assets and information. Unauthorized use can lead to their loss or serious loss of value. You must respect all copyright and other intellectual property laws, including laws governing the fair use of copyrights, trademarks, and brands. We strongly encourage you to report any suspected misuse of trademarks, logos, or other Google intellectual property to Legal. Likewise, respect the intellectual property rights of others.

    Please seek advice from Legal before you solicit, accept, or use proprietary information from individuals outside the company or let them use or have access to Google proprietary information.

    Section II: Creating and maintaining a safe, fair work environment

    You should also check with Legal if developing a product that uses content not belonging to Google. A word about open source — Google is committed to open source software development.

    Consistent with our policy of respecting the valid intellectual property rights of others, we strictly comply with the license requirements under which open source software is distributed. Please seek guidance from Legal and the Open Source Programs Office before incorporating open source code into any Google product, service, or internal project. Google gives us the tools and equipment we need to do our jobs effectively, but counts on us to be responsible and not wasteful with the Google stuff we are given.

    Not sure if a certain use of company assets is okay? Please ask your manager or Human Resources. Be sure to follow all security policies.

    IBM Policies & Principles

    If you have any reason to believe that our network security has been violated — for example, you lose your laptop or smart phone or think that your network password may have been compromised — please promptly report the incident to Information Security. For more information, consult Google's Security Policy. EGAT will comply with all applicable environmental laws and regulations, use advanced, clean, and efficient technologies, make the best use of natural resources, and raise the efficiency of resource consumption.

    EGAT will treat its customers, counterparties, and competitors with honesty and fairness. EGAT directors, officers, and employees will uphold a good reputation and will refrain from engaging in any acts that may jeopardize its reputation. These assets include tangible assets and intangible assets. EGAT directors, officers, and employees are expected to refrain from taking for themselves opportunities discovered through their positions with the organization.

    EGAT directors, officers, and employees are expected to refrain from competing with the organization.

    Code of Business Conduct and Ethics | Fastly

    EGAT directors, officers, and employees have freedom to exercise their political rights, such as voting and being a member of political parties, but they will not hold any positions in any political parties. EGAT directors, officers, and employees will refrain from verbal and physical violence upon anyone.

    Section II: Creating and maintaining a safe, fair work environment

    Superiors will treat employees at all levels with fairness and integrity, while employees will be respectable to superiors. EGAT directors, officers, and employees will care for society and communities, will pursue public acceptance for the organization, and will treat others with politeness and respect. EGAT directors, officers, and employees will not solicit, call for or accept cash, gifts or other benefits from superiors, colleagues, customers or other parties except in case of customary practices.

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    Executives and employees of all levels will refrain from possessing, using, distributing, or selling drug. Each member of the Board of Directors will serve the overall best interests of the nation, organization and EGAT employees and bring credibility and goodwill to the organization. The following 14 dimensions provide a framework to help to ensure that development or revision of a code of conduct is most likely to be successful:.

    Why should employees believe in the code of conduct if the people who set and evaluate expectations of them do not do the same — in a demonstrable way?