Lake Charles: A Mystery Novel

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True Detective in fact often feels like it is taking place in Lovecraft's universe and Cthulu himself is perhaps the mysterious terrifying presence lurking in the bayou in the guise of the Yellow King. If you ever played Call of Cthulu in the s you'll remember that Cthulu inspired insanity was an important part of the game. Not exactly a nihilist Ligotti is an anti-natalist who believes that the human race cannot be redeemed and that consciousness was an "evolutionary mistake.

I don't know much about Eugene Thacker but he sounds really interesting too.

The Case of the Long-Legged Models by Erle Stanley Gardner

He's a philosopher at the New School in New York. Since I have your attention I'd also like to mention my old philosophy tutor John Gray who is a well known anti-utopianist and a skeptic about progress in culture and morals.

His most recent book is The Silence of Animals. If you're interested in this topic there's a very nice dialogue on The Vulture between Matt Patches and Paul J Ennis where they talk about Detective Rust's nihilistic world view and the - slight - plagiarism controversy over whether Rust's ideas were 'lifted' from or inspired by Ligotti.

Brian Flynn

In the very last act of True Detective, Pizzolatto has Rust change his mind about nihilism and I think this was a bit of a cop out, probably inspired by nervous producers who wanted a little light at the end of the tunnel. Apart from that minor failure of nerve True Detective is as good an exploration of pessimism as you'll see in contemporary culture.

My original post looking at some of these aspects and exploring the feminist critique of the show is here. Newer Post Older Post Home.

All Hail McKinty! His dialogue is superb, his characters rich and his plotting tight and seemless. He writes with a wonderful and wonderfully humorous flair for language raising his work above most crime genre offerings and bumping it right up against literature.

Erasing Memory

This one is looser-limbed, funnier And we're not talking about Gentleman Gerry Cooney here. Celebrating 50 years of service.

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Erasing Memory – House of Anansi Press

New York, ; www. Includes end notes, suggested bibliography, index, and a listing of family names of free people of color that appear in the early years of the Louisiana Territory. A must-have for genealogists, historians, and students of African-American history.

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