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The game has a number of endings.

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If somehow Sho is "voted off" in the Erasure process, it is an immediate game over , although this is very unlikely if the player is not explicitly angling for it. If Sho arrives at the top of the Pillar with traitors accompanying him, then the player, before they can face The End, must face off against those traitors and then face off against The End albeit with a significantly party.

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However, if Sho arrives with 5 traitors having erased only the 5 innocents , then the player will receive an instant game over where The End mocks Sho, claims he will possess Sho in the past, and that he and the other traitors would save "their" world. In the normal ending, any undetected traitors defect and attack at the top of the Pillar. After Sho and his remaining comrades defeat them if there are any traitors , they defeat The End in a final battle.

The End claims that the traitors were merely trying to save the world, same as the other members of S. D, and that his own goal was simply to force Sho to suffer, not to destroy or save any world. He accuses Sho of sentencing him to death, and causing the deaths of millions, but refuses to elaborate and has a strangely unfazed attitude upon defeat.

After completing the game on a " New Game Plus " at least the second playthrough where Sho has maximized his bonds with all of the teammates bond levels carry over to future playthroughs , a True Ending is unlocked which explains the backstory of the game. Ten years earlier, Earth was facing eventual destruction from a meteor, and scientists implanted powerful "fate materia" into 12 young children in an attempt to clone a new dimension where this disaster would be averted - these were the 11 members of S.

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This materia was the source of the psychics' powers in-game. However, the cloned dimension still seemed destined to destruction; the meteor was in it as well. Six of the fate materia were materia of change, and six of constancy. The effects canceled out. A young Sho was asked to divide the group using his precognitive powers and send only those who would allow a new fate to the new dimension - those with the change materia.

Sho and the random five allies had the "change" materia, while The End and the random five traitors were sentenced to stay in the doomed world.

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Due to The End's ability to travel between dimensions, each of the different permutations for the allies in a playthrough represent a different dimension where Sho chose different allies but always chose The End as one of those to leave behind. The End rigged the whole erasure system to force a more mature Sho to suffer the weight of his actions in knowingly sending a comrade to their death, and to relive his choices from ten years earlier. After being defeated by the party, The End forgives Sho on the basis of his youth, and the world is saved. In , UK-based localization company Ghostlight announced that it would be porting the game to Microsoft Windows, and it was released there in October IGN awarded it a score of 7.

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Rated "T". Developer Lancarse. Release Date July 28, Lost Dimension Review.

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Lost Dimension has interesting characters and smart combat, but lacks a compelling story.