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As a Crazy Dog Lady, I can assure you this is true.

30 Very Good Sci-Fi Dogs From TV, Comics, Movies, & Video Games

After briefly appearing as a snarling beast, Dog soon transforms into the cutest hellhound you ever did see at the behest of his powerful young owner. The recent movie version has been faulted for a few things, but the fact that Fortinbras is barely in it is definitely right up there. Shadow monsters—whatever form they really take—beware! As an added bonus, Atticus is voiced by the always-delightful Ernie Hudson. Dammit, Sam! Apologies to C. Though George Jetson tries to convince everyone that Electronimo—a robot dog—will be better-suited to apartment living, the plan backfires when Astro heroically but accidentally foils a would-be burglar.

Gottrockets—but fortunately for everyone, he gets to stay with his beloved Elroy in the end. Einstein also serves as the test subject for the thankfully successful maiden voyage of the time-traveling DeLorean. We were already beside ourselves with excitement over Star Trek: Picard , and then we saw the image of Picard with his dog.

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Porthos—a confirmed fan of ear skritches and cheese—inevitably became a fan favorite, but he almost had an even bigger role on the show: Enterprise ended up putting the kibosh on several Porthos-centric storylines including one where he would have had to assume command of the ship because he was already a scene-stealer, despite not really doing much beyond being an adorable but otherwise normal pupper in space.

A robotic dog atop our list of very good sci-fi dogs? As far as the series is concerned, however, K-9 was actually created in the year by noted dog lover Professor Marius, who gave him to the Doctor at the end of The Invisible Enemy. The A. Movies Sci-Fi.

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Cheryl Eddy. We squash bugs, stabilize infrastructures, add test coverage, refactor, document our findings, upgrade versions, and pay down tech debt with glee. Listening and understanding is at the very heart of our culture. Consider the people who are impacted by your work: your clients, your users, your teammates, and even your future self. Constantly find ways to expand your knowledge and learn new things. Your intelligence and talent are not fixed. They are developed over time through perseverance, dedication and hard work.

Urgency leads to errors. Frenzy, to frustration. Focus on developing the steady working rhythm and calm mind that work best for solving complex problems. Practice both types of skills regularly. Match your solution to the situation. When the stakes are high, spending extra time getting it right is the best way to go.

Night Walk Corgi Science Fiction 1977

At the helm, leading our vision and strategy, is Andrea, who was named by LinkedIn as one of the top 10 professionals in software under 35 because of her emphasis on how empathy and communication can help transform legacy systems. Rocks and hosts a podcast dedicated to changing the way we think about legacy code. Andrea is a sought-after keynote speaker and presents regularly on topics that help business and technical teams collaborate better. In her spare time, Andrea enjoys blogging about the intersection of social science and software.

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She loves watching her kids explore the world and is a sucker for a good physics documentary. You can recognize her by the JavaScript tattoo on her wrist. Since then, Scott has maintained a test-focused approach to his work and found the most joy in projects where an existing codebase needed to be improved. In addition to fixing old code, Scott enjoys anime, reading sci-fi fiction and comic books and spending time with his kids.

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And yes, he does have a Corgi, her name is Ein, and if you recognize that reference, we might just give you a discount. Jo should have been a juggler. She has an uncanny ability to keep track of multiple elements at the same time.

Who Is The Fastest Corgi???

A firm believer in positive and collaborative relationships, she sets out to make working with Corgibytes an outstanding client and team member experience. And laughter. There must always be laughter. After Corgi-hours, Jo writes screenplays, stays active, cooks, plays video games and spends time with her awesome husband.

Thanks to sage advice from her older sister, Nickie took a BASIC class in high school and fell in love with problem-solving through code. She majored in computer science at the University of Notre Dame and has worked in software consulting for over eight years.

Nickie loves digging into the unique technical challenges that come with each new project and learning the ins and outs of client applications. She enjoys staying active through running, Pilates, and playing soccer. She likes to exercise her brain with a good jigsaw puzzle and working on the New York Times crossword each night. Catalina loves finding cracks in systems, and fixing them! She is up to the challenge of finding a bug no matter how hidden it is. She studied Electronics Engineering in Colombia not Columbia : and has been programming for more than 15 years.


She is a mother of two happy, fun and geeky kids. She loves music, reading and traveling no matter where or how. Her favorite trip so far was going backpacking through China with her mom. Kehsi Iman is a problem solver by nature. She applies these skills in her role as Business Manager where she works closely with the Finance, Accounting, and Marketing teams. Kehsi Iman is passionate about social justice and enjoys speaking on the application of empathy and authenticity to leadership.

Science Fiction, Fantasy & Horror

She has over 10 years of experience working with startups, optimizing business processes, and developing community. She has a background in higher education administration and policy, edtech, business management, and communications. Having worked in a multitude of roles on software development projects large and small, Ben enjoys many facets of the process — from blue-sky whiteboarding to in-the-weeds troubleshooting. Steve has been developing software professionally for more than a decade. His entire career has involved maintaining legacy and enterprise systems, spanning industries from investment banking to energy efficiency to post-secondary education.

NET Core will always be his favorite. Steve is a major advocate of the DevOps movement: using empathy, communication, and automation to bring development and operations teams together, with the goal of continuously delivering high-quality solutions in a consistent and low-risk way. He loves talking about software almost as much as developing it, and has spoken at conferences large and small, from local meetups to DevOpsDays events across the country. A former ultramarathon runner constantly dreaming of coming out of retirement, Steve lives in Ithaca, NY with his wife and two kids.

Josh has been writing code pretty much his entire life.

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  • He loves helping teams get better and applying automation to the software development process through tools such as continuous integration and static analysis.