The German Question and the International Order, 1943-48 (Global Conflict and Security Since 1945)

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Textual Records: Evidentiary documents ca. Register cards for the various evidentiary documents series, ca. Name card index to documents in the "NG" and "NI" series, ca.

The Great Power Struggle in East Asia, 1944–50

Photostatic copies of evidentiary documents ca. Microfilm copy of selected evidentiary documents ca. Administrative records, Motion Pictures 6 reels : Krupp armaments and political activities, Textual Records: Case files containing interrogations and summaries of interrogations of defendants and witnesses, Numbered interrogation summaries, Reports of interrogations of high officials, Sound Recordings 8, items : Pretrial interrogations, Textual Records: Fragmentary records of the Apprehension and Locator Branch relating to the branch's responsibility for making arrangements to bring war crimes suspects and witnesses to Nuremberg, and for maintaining a current address file on suspects and witnesses, Correspondence, memorandums, reports, and other records of Trial Team No.

Farben Case" , ; Trial Team No. Records of the Nuremberg Military Post, including a general file maintained by the th Internal Security Detachment, ; internee personnel records, 48; and courthouse passes for OCCWC staff, Textual Records: General file, History: Authorized, effective October 18, , by Ordinance No. Abolished, November 15, , with the filing of the Secretary General's final report.

Textual Records: Subject files, Records concerning the 12 cases, but not part of the official record, including correspondence, 49; photostatic copies of court dockets, ; registers of document books and exhibits, statements, pleas, and briefs, 49; and cross-reference cards to prosecution and defense exhibits, Miscellaneous administrative records of the Court Archives Section, Related Records: Additional administrative records of the Secretariat for U.

According to same ordinance, judges were to be selected from among judges of the U.

The German Question and the International Order, : Nicolas Lewkowicz :

Eleven U. Textual Records: Correspondence, orders, transcripts of executive sessions, and other records of each U. Textual Records: English- and German-language transcripts of proceedings; minutes of proceedings; prosecution and defense document books and exhibits; and court papers, including the tribunal's judgment and the defendants' postsentencing clemency petitions, , for each trial as follows:.

Case 1 U. Karl Brandt et al. Erhard Milch et al. Josef Altstoetter et al. Oswald Pohl et al. Friedrich Flick et al. Carl Krauch et al. Farben Case" , Case 7 U. Wilhelm List et al. Ulrich Greifeldt et al. Otto Ohlendorf et al. Alfried Krupp et al. Ernst von Weizsaecker et al. Wilhelm von Leeb et al. Sound Recordings 6, items : Trial proceedings, November 21, April 14, Lantern Slides images : Prosecution exhibit in Case 10, compiled from Krupp publications, showing participation of Krupp officials in Nazi-sponsored activities , ca.

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Finding Aids: John Mendelsohn, comp. Erhard Milch, SL 38 History: Established by Staff Announcement No.

Baxter, Christopher

Responsible for considering petitions for clemency filed by, or on behalf of, defendants convicted in the 12 cases tried by U. Consisted of high commissioner appointees David W. Copyright National Archives of Australia Post-war relief, —44 Memoranda, correspondence and minutes on planning for post-war relief, the formation of UNRRA and resolutions on supply problems. Australian supplies for post-war relief, —46 Minutes of meetings June—October of the Inter-Departmental Committee on Post-War Relief Supplies chair: JG Crawford and correspondence, memoranda, statements and statistical tables regarding Australian commodities, agricultural machinery and drugs available for post-war relief, the value of Australia's contribution to UNRRA and distribution of foodstuffs in China.

Post-war relief and food problems: Relief and Rehabilitation Administration, —43 2 parts Draft memorandum October on a United Nations program for freedom from want of food, and correspondence, cables and reports on post-war relief and rehabilitation proposals and the establishment of UNRRA.

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  8. UNRRA: supplies: revision of estimates, Correspondence on the revision of estimates of supplies available to UNRRA and contracts with the British government regarding exportable surplus of foodstuffs. Australian contributions to UNRRA: requests for supplies from Australia, Correspondence, cables and newspaper cuttings concerning requests by UNRRA for supplies, including meat, dairy products, wool and blankets, and undertakings made at the Lapstone conference.

    Australian machinery for post-war relief, —45 Correspondence and memoranda on the organisation and funding of post-war relief and minutes of an inter-departmental meeting 6—7 April on the procurement of supplies in Australia for UNRRA chair: AA Fitzgerald. Post-war relief experience last time, Memorandum on relief deliveries and relief loans in —23, and notes and bibliographical references on food relief in Europe after World War I.

    Post UNRRA relief, —53 3 parts Reports of the United Nations Economic and Social Council, the report July of an inter-departmental committee, and correspondence, cables and minutes on Australian contributions for relief, the availability of food and other items, offers of raw wool, a draft agreement between Australia and Greece, Palestinian refugees, and Australia's contribution to the International Children's Emergency Fund. Food and Agriculture Organization: Interim Commission, —44 Correspondence and minutes about the views of Australian experts on the organisation and functions of the proposed Food and Agriculture Organization.

    United Nations proposals: Food and Agriculture Organization conference, Correspondence, minutes and cables concerning the first Food and Agriculture Organization Conference at Quebec November , Australian delegates, and decisions of the conference.

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    Food and Agriculture Organization: inter-departmental committee, Minutes of the Inter-Departmental Committee on the Food and Agriculture Organization and the Australian Food and Agriculture Organisation Committee chair: JG Crawford and draft Cabinet submissions, correspondence and memoranda on the progress of the FAO and the establishment of national committees.

    International Food Conference, 5 parts Reports, correspondence and minutes concerning the United Nations Food and Agriculture Conference at Hot Springs, the resolutions of the conference, and the organisation of a permanent food and nutrition organisation. Post war reconstruction: food and agriculture, —46 A memorandum by FL McDougall 'Freedom from want of food' and correspondence, cables, and press statements on the Food and Nutrition Conference May , the Australian delegation, and expenses incurred by McDougall as a member of the Interim Commission on Food and Agriculture.

    International Monetary Agreement and United Nations Food and Nutrition Conference, —47 Includes memoranda by JM Keynes on the international regulation of primary products 27 November and EF Penrose on the food problem and the food conference, reports by Coombs April—May , conference papers, the draft report of the Australian delegation, and a memorandum by FL McDougall on the work of the interim commission. International organisation: United Nations declarations and commitments, Publications, newspaper cuttings and correspondence regarding the views of world leaders on a world organisation, including a memorandum 27 March prepared by the Department of External Affairs for the Commonwealth Prime Ministers' Conference.

    Timeline of Wars and armed conflicts since 1946

    United Nations Conference: Economic and Social Council, Memoranda and cables on the establishment of the Economic and Social Council, views of Commonwealth departments and the work of committees of the Preparatory Commission. United Nations Conference, San Francisco: papers prepared for Australian Delegation, Additional papers prepared for members of the Australian delegation, including a report on the British Commonwealth meeting in London, questions for consideration and public statements by HV Evatt.

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    • Security Technology, Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity: International Conferences, SecTech and DRBC 2010, Held as Part of the Future Generation Information Technology Conference, FGIT 2010, Jeju Island, Korea, December 13-15, 2010. Proceedings!

    United Nations Preparatory Commission: memoranda from Australian delegation, Letters August—December from the Australian delegation in London on the work of the Executive Committee of the United Nations Preparatory Commission, the proceedings of sub-committees, the location of the permanent headquarters of the United Nations and the establishment of the International Court of Justice.

    United Nations Preparatory Commission: Australian participation, Correspondence and press statements concerning activities of the Preparatory Commission in London November—December and Australian representation on the commission and at the General Assembly of the United Nations. Economic and Social Council: inter-departmental correspondence, —46 Correspondence with the Treasury and other departments concerning the first General Assembly of the United Nations and the agenda of the Economic and Social Council.

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    Economic and Social Council: Economic and Employment Commission, Report by EJR Heyward of the 2nd session 2—17 June of the Economic and Employment Commission and reports, correspondence and cables regarding the commissions established by the Economic and Social Council, a possible resolution on international action on employment, and the economic development programs of the Commonwealth and state governments.

    United Nations preliminary organisation, —46 Correspondence and minutes concerning the work of the Executive Committee of the United Nations Preparatory Commission in London, the scope and functions of the Economic and Social Council, and the promotion of full employment. United Nations Conference, San Francisco, Correspondence and minutes on the composition of the Australian delegation, travel arrangements and press coverage. Series: A UNECO, 2 parts Correspondence, cables, minutes and newspaper cuttings on the proposed United Nations Educational and Cultural Organization, the meeting April of Allied Ministers of Education, and the views of the inter-departmental committee on education and state governments.

    Interim Commission and World Health Organization, —48 2 parts Correspondence, minutes, reports and statements concerning Australian participation in the Interim Health Commission, transfer of the functions of the Office Internationale d'Hygiene Publique, ratification of the constitution of the World Health Organization, the drafting of the World Health Organization Bill, the establishment of the World Health Organization April , and the agenda of the 1st World Health Assembly. South Pacific Commission: relations with United Nations, —62 Correspondence, cables and minutes on possible cooperation between the South Pacific Commission and the United Nations and its agencies, the precedent of the Caribbean Commission, resolutions of the Economic and Social Council and meetings of the commission.

    Preliminary arrangements: establishment of Interim Organisation, —50 Correspondence and statements on the establishment of the Interim Organisation, the appointment of JR Kerr as Organising Secretary, staffing, and the School of Pacific Administration. He currently lectures at the University of Kent. See details. See all 2 brand new listings. Buy It Now. Add to cart. Be the first to write a review About this product. About this product Product Information This examination of the influence of the German Question on the origins of the Cold War uses the interpretative schema of the English School of International Relations to offer a unique and original analysis.

    While earlier accounts have concentrated on the conflictual nature of superpower relations during the postwar period, Nicolas Lewkowicz suggests instead that Allied legal and diplomatic interaction over the German Question helped create the elements of intervention and coexistence which formed the basis of a relatively peaceful postwar international order.

    The author brings new insights to the debate surrounding the origins of the Cold War by focusing on previously neglected topics such as the normative framework established during World War Two, which served to contain the emergence of a new systemic conflict, and the transformation of the international political system driven by superpower discussion of the German Question.

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